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We are elite scientists and researchers. We are athletes and trainers. We don’t trust almost. We don’t work for good enough. We know that the hardest part of any goal is the finish – that’s why we turn finish lines into starting lines. We create the world as we know it, and we are motivated by one common mantra: never give in.

That’s why we developed Last 10 LBS™.

Last 10 LBS™ is the natural, scientifically tested solution to unlocking your body’s lean potential. It is the world’s 1st short-term fat burner™. It is a fat slayer, a demolisher of excess. It is the patron saint of never say die. It is the calm before the storm.

Be the storm.

Enyotics Health Sciences


Proud athletes using Last 10 LBS™.

Our athletes are lean muscle kings. They train and compete all over America, always in the pursuit of adversity and the elation of victory. They are the growing momentum of the fitness world, bent on improving themselves and their fellow man. They are the fierce competitor you want to be, and the voice in your ear yelling you can. They are men and women with one goal: defy the status quo. And they use one product: Last 10 LBS™.

375 375% Weight Loss Increase Over 8 Weeks
14 See Results in as Little as 14 Days
33 33% Reduction in waist-to-hip ratio
20 20% Increase in fat-burning hormones


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A storm is coming.
Be the storm.

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